COVID-19 Operating Procedures & Guidelines

All of us here at The Brewster Ice Arena are thrilled to welcome you back, and to be able to, hopefully, provide you with at least a temporary sense of normalcy, during these anything-but-normal times.

The health and safety of all of our guests is of the utmost importance to us.  To ensure this, properly-worn masks are required for entry to the facility, and must remain on in all off-ice areas.  The use of masks for on-ice participants is not currently required for our Public Skating, Figure Skating, and Open Hockey sessions, however, other programs or clinics may require them.  Please refer to your program's documentation for any requirements specific to that program.

  • Individuals exhibiting signs of illness, specifically any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, or who are known to have come in contact with individuals exhibiting these symptoms, should not enter the Brewster Ice Arena, under any circumstances.

  • Our staff reserves the right to deny entry to, or eject, any individual, for any reason.
  • Proper social distancing measures should be observed by all while inside the facility.  Congregating in any off-ice areas of the facility is not permitted, and all non-participants are asked to limit the amount of time spent inside the building.  One parent/chaperone is permitted to enter the facility to assist their child in getting dressed/undressed, but are asked to exit the facility shortly thereafter.
  • Locker rooms, which have all been re-painted with Sherwin-Williams microbicidal paint, and are sanitized regularly, are available to use at your discretion, though with reduced capacity.  Non-participants are not permitted inside locker rooms, under any circumstances.  Additional changing areas have been set up throughout the facility for those who are uncomfortable utilizing the locker rooms.
  • On-ice participants should not share equipment, water bottles, or any food items.
  • Please be diligent in accounting for all of your personal belongings.  Items left behind will not be retained (ie: THERE IS NO LOST & FOUND)
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the facility.  We have also partnered with Cintas, who will be providing regular sanitization services, as well as supplying us with commercial grade disinfectant to be used in our own foggers, which will be utilized at regular intervals throughout the the course of the day.

Please understand that these guidelines are in place not only for your protection, but because they are what allows us to remain open.  There will be zero tolerance for any non-compliance of the above-stated guidelines.  Please act responsibly, and together, we will get through this!  We look forward to seeing you on the ice.

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